Are You an office Mom?

Here’s a fun concern for you: are you the office mom*? I’ve checked out that being the office mom has a tendency to hurt your career since people see you as, well, the mom instead of Camiseta Selección de fútbol de España the expert you are.
So here’s the Q: do you agree that being the “office mom” is a poor thing — or is it just one more administration style? Are you the office mom, or do you work with one? Is it more appropriate (or effective) in some office cultures, as well as less in others? 
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For my $.02, I have always been totally guilty of this Camiseta Leicester City — long before I ended up being a mom. I never baked cookies or cupcakes for people, BUT: I like to be prepared, as well as I generally keep in mind the birthdays as well as other fun stuff (with a bit assist to keep in mind personal details). So I utilized to bring with me (and keep in my desk) all kind of stuff — shout Wipes! Bandaids! Tissues! spare chargers! Fans! Sweaters! Coworkers always came to me when they needed something.
In some methods this was a plus — I’m definitely an introvert, as well as I’m sure I sometimes come off as chilly if I’m focused on other stuff (thank you, resting Camiseta TSG 1899 Hoffenheim bitchface!) — so this was my own bit method of being friendly as well as approachable. I suppose I sign up for the concept in the WSJ article — office mom as administration style.
I’m curious, women — what do you think?

Pictured: Pink cupcake – satisfying leftovers, originally uploaded to Flickr by Alpha.
* If you don’t have a membership to the WSJ, just Google the headline as well as you’ll get gain access to to the full article. 😀

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