Alert! Do You know The shelf Life Of Your Cosmetics?

us women love hoarding. especially when it concerns makeup. We like purchasing things excessively – in case the products are limited edition. Of course, we may barely use those products. but hey! What if they are limited edition and we don’t get them when we need them? better be safe (cautious and purchase them before hand) than be sorry, right?

But, did you men know, every product comes with a shelf life? Of course, the persons at the counter says you can use your lipsticks for 3 years. but is that really true? how to know when your makeup has expired? read below to see the actual shelf life of your cosmetics
They say lipsticks can Camiseta OGC Nice last up to 3 years, but we don’t agree with that. The max that you can use your lipstick is for 1 year. the best way to find if your lipstick has gone bad, is to feel its texture and taste it!
These small little things can last you for about 2 years and quite honestly, it’s a relief! One way to check the life of your blusher is to apply it. If it is still pigmented as it was before, then you are good to go.

Eye shadow
Eye shadows are just like blushers and can last for about 2 years. You check them the same way you check your blusher. However, some eye shadows do fall out or are not as pigmented as blushers, so make sure they have the same consistency.
Eye liner
Well, eye liners last for about a year. but who has them for a year? We finish our pots in 6 months!! too much cat eyes, guys! just too much!

Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundations are god sent blessings to people with dry skin. They are good to use for about 2 years, but after they hit the 2 year mark, they can get harmful to your skin. So tread thoroughly and use it generously!
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Even moisturizers last for about 2 years. but then again, just like eye liner, we max out our moisturiser within 6-8 months. Is it the same for you guys?
Compact Powder
It’s a good thing that compact powders come Camiseta AZ Alkmaar with a shelf life of 2 years. Majorly because we rarely ever use them and choose translucent powder. but still, we need them in our lives!

Well, replace your sponges every 6 months!! Unless they are charm blenders. If you use charm Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Alemania blenders, make sure you wash them thoroughly!
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A little care and mindfulness can save us all from lots of acne breakouts! So, always be aware of the shelf life of your products and always do your research!

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